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In response to SET Beccles School closing  I write with a further update on how we will support and engage with you during this difficult time.


I am sure everyone is aware that public exams have been cancelled and that the Government is promising that suitable measures will be put in place.  This is a difficult time for all those students involved – we will provide updates and information as soon as we are able to. We are expecting some more detail today from the Education Secretary.


We will of course be providing support to ensure that parents and carers who are key workers are able to go to work during this time of national emergency.

There is, of course, no obligation for any child of a key worker to attend, but we will be offering the facility should anyone require it.


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The government has made us aware of a scam aimed at families receiving free school meals. Please refer to this link, in particular point 2.2: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/esfa-update-1-april-2020/esfa-update-academies-1-april-2020 As suggested, if you receive such an email, please do not respond and delete it immediately.

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