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All secondary schools in the Seckford Education Trust share the same vision and ethos which is rooted in our ‘6Cs to Success’. We believe our ethos sets us apart, this page gives a flavour of how.

Our Vision

Inspiring, enabling and celebrating each and every young person’s personal best.

Our Mission

To create an outstanding learning community for all.

Our Values

Integrity – We will always display honesty, trust, thoughtfulness and an unrelenting respect in all that we do.

Striving for Excellence – We will always respond to the emerging needs of our students, pupils and colleagues by seeking feedback on our personal performance and by taking ourselves out of our comfort zone.

Collaboration – We will work to break down silos and to ensure that all colleagues and all students benefit from new initiatives.

Determination – We will never knowingly allow ourselves or others to opt out in our drive to do the very best for our students and colleagues.

Empowering – We will always look to build confidence and strength in others by affording them the autonomy and independence they need in order to step up and to make decisions.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Delivering consistent quality of education
  • Building resilience, capacity and sustainability

Our Ethos

Members of the Seckford Education Trust family are all founded on the 6Cs to Success:


Students are expected to:

  • Work with teachers and other adults to help them to understand what they need to do to achieve their targets;
  • Work appropriately with other students during learning activities to maximise progress and minimise wasted time;
  • Co-operate when given instructions that are for the benefit of their learning, achievement and progress.


Students are expected to:

  • Attend School to learn, achieve and make progress;
  • Be punctual to lessons and meet deadlines e.g. for coursework and homework when given;
  • Take responsibility for their own learning, achievement and progress;
  • Have (a) long-term life goal(s) and focus every day on what they need to do to achieve it/ them;
  • Know and understand the grades and levels that they need to achieve their daily, weekly, termly and yearly targets and overall life goal(s).


Students are expected to:

  • Develop confidence in their abilities and belief in themselves and what they can achieve with the help of the appropriate staff;
  • Have high aspirations and the confidence that they can achieve those aspirations;
  • Have the confidence to ask questions, find out more and report anything which is stopping them learning, achieving or making progress.


Students are part of a learning community and are therefore expected to:

  • Set themselves and others high expectations and hold each other to them;
  • Care just as much about others being able to achieve their life goals;
  • Get fully involved in the life of their School, including enrichment and extra-curricular activities;
  • Get fully involved in the life of their local community;
  • Understand the four different scales of community: local, regional, national and international;
  • Understand differences in others and value the importance of diversity.


Students are expected to:

  • Meet each challenge presented to them with confidence and positivity;
  • Undertake challenges as a means of making faster progress and achieving more;
  • Provide each other with appropriate learning challenges and support each other to achieve them;
  • Appropriately challenge any behaviour that is preventing them from learning, achieving and making progress.


Our students are expected to:

  • Celebrate the successes they have experienced in School and out;
  • Support others to be successful and celebrate when they do achieve and make progress;
  • Display behaviours that encourage themselves and others to strive to achieve greater success;
  • Have pride in the achievements of the staff, fellow students, School and wider community.

Find out more about our ethos on the Seckford Education Trust website.