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To contact an individual member of staff it is the first initial and surname followed by An example would be as follows: Mrs Heidi Philpott –

Teaching staff

Head of SchoolMrs H Philpott
Assistant Head Of SchoolMiss C Goode
Assistant Head Of SchoolMr B Willgress
Teacher & Student AssessmentMrs V Brown
Teacher (PE)Mr D Burton
Teacher (English)Mrs R Hodes
Teacher (Science)Miss B Coles
Teacher (Art/ DT)Mrs C Cooper-Adams
Teacher (English)Ms V Doy
Teacher (English)Mrs E Taverner
Teacher (History)Mr J Rednall
Teacher (Maths)Mrs H Davies
Teacher (Maths)Ms K Timmes
Teacher (Music)Mrs S Behm
Teacher (PE)Mr D Renwick
Teacher (RE & Ethics)Mr B De La Tour
Teacher (Maths)Mr O Garwood
Teacher (Science)Miss M Thomas
Teacher, Head Of SU ForgeMs K Bland
Teacher (Creative)Mrs O’Driscoll
Teacher (Humanities)Mrs C Smith
SCITT TeacherMrs I Patuzzo

Support Staff

Apprentice Administration AssistantMiss L Homes
ChefMiss G Crisp
Catering AssistantMiss S Saunders
ChefMrs S Rodwell
Cleaner (on maternity leave)Miss C Barnard
CleanerMrs S Callaghan
Pastoral AssistantMs E Catling
CleanerMrs S Wilks
Exam InvigilatorMrs S Stewart
Exam InvigilatorMs J Lewis
Exam InvigilatorMs D Jennings
Exam InvigilatorMs J Hood
Exam InvigilatorMr A Field
Exam InvigilatorMs S Reed
Exam InvigilatorMrs L Woolnough
General Catering AssistantMiss A Knott
General Catering AssistantMiss C Newson
Teaching AssistantMrs H Pentney
TA, SU ForgeMiss S Kett
TAMs A Godsave
TAMrs C Jackson
Minibus DriverMr P Blyth
Minibus DriverMr A Pinkstone
Minibus DriverMrs L Hull
Pastoral AssistantMiss C Clark
Pastoral AssistantMs D Foster
Pastoral AssistantMr A King
Head of Pastoral SupportMr R Melchior
Pastoral Support Officer, Assistant DSLMiss B Woods
Science TechnicianMrs O Griffiths
School Office ManagerMrs L Hawkins-Weeks
Site ManagerMr L Curtis
HLTAMrs T Ringer
TA, SU ForgeMiss A Horne