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The use of drugs or alcohol can present both long-term and short-term. The effects and damage can spread beyond the user, to impact on the lives of others. As a School we work hard to educate students of the risks of drugs and alcohol misuse. Concerns of drug or alcohol use is raised with students as and when appropriate to ensure they are able to recognise the risks and protect themselves, or if we have reason to believe someone may be putting themselves at risk. Students are encouraged to speak to a member of staff if they are worried someone might be at risk so that support can be offered to anyone affected. The Children’s Society offer specialist one to one and group sessions to students in school where there is a risk of drug or alcohol misuse or where there is a parent/carer or close family member who is drug or alcohol dependent.

Students are expected to not bring alcohol, drugs or related paraphernalia in to School. If we have reason to believe a student has brought alcohol, drugs or related paraphernalia onto the School site the Police may be informed and staff will carry out a bag search (where a student is asked to remove all items from their bags/pockets etc. in the presence of two members of staff). If any alcohol, drugs or related paraphernalia are found it will be confiscated and reported to the Police.

If you have concerns about a student (even if they seem minor) please report them to the Designated Safeguarding Lead at the School. If you have any serious or immediate concerns regarding a child’s safety please contact the Police.

Click on the links below to view the specific school policies linked to Drug and Alcohol Misuse:

  • Safeguarding Policy – view
  • Drugs Policy – view

Useful websites:

  • Talk to Frank – view website
  • Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board – view website
  • Parent Info (Lots of useful links on the ‘Experts’ tab) – view website
  • Brook (information and advice for young people on a variety of topics including binge drinking and drug use) – view website