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“It is vitally important that young people have access to good and realistic information and guidance about the full range of career pathways available to them.” – Ofsted, Going in the right direction? 2013

Careers education is seen as a cornerstone of the preparation we give students as they progress from Year 7 to Year 11. We aim to provide students with the knowledge, information and skills they require to understand and access the breadth of options open to them following their secondary education.

“Good career guidance is the key to social mobility: it is about showing young people – whatever their social and family background – the options open to them, and helping them make the right choices to set them on the path to rewarding future careers.” – Gatsby, Good Career Guidance Handbook for Secondary Schools

As a School we are committed to building links with local businesses and employers. We feel it is important for employers to understand the current educational landscape, appreciate the skills and knowledge our students can offer and have access to their work force of the future. We initiate activities that enable our students to engage directly with local employers on a regular basis.

In addition, we want to ensure that our students are work ready and offer them a range of opportunities including work experience, employer talks, visits to workplaces and mentoring. If you would like to become part of this network, please contact us.

Careers Contacts

Trust Careers Advisor
Jenny Stockman

SET Saxmundham School Careers Leader
Gemma Bennett

SET Ixworth School Careers Leader
Paul Rearden

SET Beccles School Careers Leader
Emma Palmer

About the Careers Team

The Trust’s Careers Leaders are gaining a Level 6 Careers Leader qualification to enable them to implement an ambitious and effective careers programme that engages the whole school, is embedded in the schools culture and provides inspiration and motivation for students about their future. The careers programme is evaluated every three years for effectiveness and outcome.

The Trust’s Careers Advisor, Jenny Stockman is a Level 6 qualified Careers Advisor employed by the Seckford Education Trust to provide our students with independent, up to date and impartial careers guidance. Jenny is in schools on a regular basis helping students to explore the range of opportunities available to them. Working across years 8 – 11, Jenny works alongside the Careers Leaders to provide bespoke support and programmes to prepare students at different transition points, including GCSE options and moving beyond year 11. Jenny is a member of the CDI and has excellent links with business, further education and higher education providers to maintain up to date labour market and further education information and intelligence. Delivering excellent CEIAG is a priority throughout the Trust, believing that every student can reach their potential. Jenny welcomes any questions from parents and carers and regularly attends progress evenings. Appointments with Jenny can be requested via the schools Careers Leader.

The Trust works in partnership with organisations such as the Enterprise Advisor Network, NEACO and Apprenticeships New Anglia. Members of the careers team are also part of the Suffolk CEIAG Network which provides valuable sharing of best practice. Links with such specialist bodies in Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) services, benefit all our students on their journey to an active and meaningful working life. This includes working closely with employers and providers to ensure that students are well informed about the local job market, different progression routes into further and higher education, including technical education and apprenticeships.

CEIAG is integrated into our students’ experience of the whole curriculum, including PSHE, promoting equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion, with the students’ best interests at the heart of all that we do. 

Careers Objectives

Trust schools offer an extensive careers programme with the following objectives:

  1. Students experience a range of career-related activities from Year 7-11;
  2. Students leave school informed about the choices available for their future career.

These activities include, but are not limited to;

  • Whole-School Drop-Down Day to explore Career and Wider World Strands as advocated by the PSHE Association.
  • Range of guest speakers who offer excellent insight into some of the many different sectors and opportunities available, for all students.
  • Independent and tailored careers guidance for every student. Delivered by Jenny Stockman, our dedicated Careers Advisor to the trust.
  • Range of additional assemblies and speakers throughout the year.
  • Subject specific information from teachers, regarding career possibilities in their subject area.

These activities ensure Trust schools score highly within the Gatsby Benchmarks. Compass+ is used as a tracking tool to follow each students Careers experience from Year 7 through to Year 11.

Provider Access

A number of events are integrated into the careers programme, which offer providers the opportunity to attend Careers Fairs, careers and enterprise days and careers related activities. Providers can also approach the school to request access – see Statement of Intent

Currently Work Experience takes place during the last week of the summer term in Year 10.

Whilst work experience placements in businesses and places of work are the ideal, extenuating circumstances may mean that this is not always possible. In situations where Government guidelines, or factors beyond our control, dictate that students may not enter other premises for the purposes of work experience, every effort will be made by the Trust to give them meaningful encounters so that they can experience working situations or skills.


The extremely high percentage of students who move on at post-16 to further education and training is testament to the high quality careers information provided in school. Further down the school students can speak confidently about their ideas for future careers.  

Useful Links

WebsiteUseful for excellent pages including:
• Work Experience
• Why Study (Insert Subject Here) at School?
• Employability Skills
• Vocational Qualifications Explained
• What Are Facilitating Subjects
• Career Zones (very easy to navigate) of government information relating to 14-19 opportunities and education. website with lots of information for young people in Suffolk
www.ucas.comMain site for university & college applications.
www.opendays.comUniversity & college open day directory. graduate careers website for UK. for Post 18 options. advice and guidance. in finding a job or career in Norfolk or Suffolk based on individual interests and skills.
www.careersandenterprisenetworkeast.orgLocal information about jobs and training. providing detailed information about individual careers, training and opportunities. providing behind the scenes information on a wide range of careers including 150 job profiles. support and advice for young people. about apprenticeships

SET Careers Advisor

Jenny Stockman has joined SET as their independent careers advisor and is now available to chat through the wealth of Post-16 options that are open to students. From apprenticeships to Sixth form or planning for longer term pathways through university or further education, she will help them explore the pathways that will suit them best and navigate their way through the rapidly changing labour market and further education options.

Jenny joined Seckford Foundation in 2018 to head up their mentoring programme which quickly evolved from a well-being service into holistic support looking at careers, skills, health and well-being. Prior to this Jenny came from a business background, with involvement in the development of businesses in partnership others then latterly her own small enterprise. In her spare time she volunteered with Young Enterprise, chairs business networks and, before lockdown, enjoyed creating and running major community events. Her passion is to now share all her connections and experience with young people so they can find as much enjoyment on their career journey as she did… and still does.