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Enrichment is an integral part of the curriculum and is one of the 5 underpinning elements of the Trust vision for our students. We believe that enrichment can extend the range of educational experiences for our students, broadening horizons, helping them to discover hidden talents, try new things and to promote their growing love of learning.

As a compulsory part of the School day, enrichment takes three forms. The first is the enrichment which takes place as part of the School’s curriculum timetable. 5 lessons a week (the equivalent of one a day) are given over to enrichment activities. One of the 5 lessons is PSHE, two lessons are tutor activities (including a focus on the students’ Personal Education Plans and assembly time) and two are activities that the students can opt into. These two lessons take place on a Wednesday afternoon and consist of a whole range of sporting, art, performance, crafting and other activities. Some activities for older students to choose from are:

The second are the two enrichment days that take place on the last days of the Michaelmas and Lent Terms. At Michaelmas, fun educational School trips and activities take place off-site wherever possible. At the end of the Lent Term, the whole School comes together to take part in an activity which has an learning challenge, enterprise, work-related learning, citizenship or PSHE theme. Such examples of past Lent Term enrichment days have been ‘Tournament of the Minds’ and ‘Battle of the Bands’.

The final element of compulsory enrichment is Enrichment Week, which takes place at the end of the Trinity Term in the summer. This week provides an opportunity for deep immersion in enrichment activity or activities on or off-site and is an opportunity for students from all Schools in the Trust to opt into activities together.

As well as compulsory enrichment, our School also has opt in extra-curricular activities at lunchtimes and after School in ‘Lesson 7’. A whole range of activities are available for students to continue to demonstrate their commitment to the ‘6Cs to Success’.