Please see our Covid-19 Response Information Page

Further to the Government announcement concerning school closures I write to confirm that all SET Schools will close from Monday 23 March until further notice (for Saxmundham this has already happened).

More detailed information will be issued by each School early next week in relation to the specifics of how we will work with you to continue each students learning using remote access.

If you are employed as a key worker, as defined by the Government such as NHS staff, police or delivery drivers and will struggle to find childcare in order that you can attend work please contact each School by telephone or by using the enquiries @ email address.

Equally if your son or daughter has an EHCP, a Social Worker or is in receipt of free school meals, then where possible the School will attempt to operate as near a School Day as possible to support these students. Please contact each School by telephone or by using the enquiries @ email address to indicate that you require this service.

All public examinations have been cancelled in May and June 2020, including GCSEs and primary school national curriculum tests known as Sats. We will update you with further information relating to this as it comes through. I realise how distressing and unsettling this will be for our community who have been working so hard in preparation. I will ensure that I make it a priority to share with you information pertaining to this as it is made available to me.

As you can appreciate, the last four weeks have been a challenge and so I would like to thank personally the many families who have made contact to express their gratitude and support of our staff at this difficult time. We remain grateful for your ongoing support and I am highly proud of our community in its entirety. Pastoral care is at the heart of all that we do at each of our Schools and I absolutely will be working with staff to ensure that this extends to remote learning.

If this tumultuous period has taught us anything it is that communities such as ours will come together in strength and face with courage and positivity whatever comes our way. As a Trust we will remain dedicated to educating our children until the real doors of the School can be opened again.

David Lees