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The Beccles Roll

The Beccles Roll is the Alumni association for SET Beccles School. All students who leave the School after Year 11 are encouraged to join.

What is an Alumni?

An Alumni is an association of former students from a School, college or university.

Alumni associations are used as a way for the School, college or university to keep in touch with past students and see what they achieve in their lives. It is also used to organise social events (such as re-union events), and keep past students up to date with things happening at the School and with their former classmates.

What is membership for?

Members of the Beccles Roll receive regular School communications, such as the “Chronicle” (School newsletter) to keep them up to date with the latest School news and events. Members are encouraged to keep the School informed of any future successes they have in life, and in particular with regards to their further education and career pathways.

Members of the Beccles Roll will also be invited to future events, such as reunions, to catch up with former classmates and friends.

How can I become a member?

If you are a former student of SET Beccles School but have not yet joined the roll, then please complete the form below, or alternatively download the form here, complete and return by post to SET Beccles School, Castle Hill, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 7BQ.

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